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As always, THANK YOU, Jennifer, for the relaxing, rejuvenating facial today. It REALLY is beyond fantastic!!
Michael (November 2022)

I am nearing 50 and was carded twice last week! Thanks to Jen and her amazing talent. Once a month I treat myself to relaxing and soothing 90 min. facial and my skin is left glowing and smooth. I cannot say enough good things about The Salt Room and their staff. Everyone should make the time to indulge in this wonderful experience.
Jennifer (December 2020)

The owners are some of the best people we know- kind, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned for your health and well being. Try the salt room today! You will be happy you did!
Wayne (June 2017)

This place is amazing. My husband and I love to go here. The salt room is so relaxing and has helped my allergies so much in only a few visits. We can breathe deeply now. The staff is super sweet and very accommodating.
Michelle (June 2017)

This was an amazing experience that made me want to host every friend I know who has breathing difficulties. Great and so helpful staff!
Mary (March 2017)

Love this place. So relaxing - and healthy too. I always sleep so well after a visit here - and breathe easier for days!
Amanda (February 2017)

The salt room was wonderful. Any congestion I had was eliminated. Jenn was wonderful, and explained each step, my skin never felt so good.
Debbie (February 2017)

The staff is amazing and the experience was great. So relaxing and I'm already feeling better!
Tracie (February 2017)

I could feel the effects immediately! I have asthma and sinus issues and my daughter has eczema. I also bought a few salt rocks to put in my daughters bath, to help with her dryness. She came out of the bath silky smooth. I should probably of waited to do a review until tomorrow, so I can let you know what her skin looks like, but I was too excited. This place is awesome!!
Mary Jo (February 2016)

Awesome place, great people & amazing results ! Highly recommend! 🙂
Kaylie (February 2016)

My 2 year old son and I had a great experience at The Salt Room, attending a few children’s sessions to help his cold symptoms. I look forward to getting a facial soon!
Cynthia (February 2016)

I’m looking forward to my next visit! I will bring some friends and enjoy relaxing in the salt room. I had a facial today and Jennifer is excellent. I won’t go anywhere else! Thanks for bringing such a neat concept to is locally!
Casandra (February 2016)

I had a very good experience at the Salt Room in Winter Haven. Suffering from upper respiratory infection, bronchitis and allergies I took some prescription medication but it did not work for 100%. Not feeling to good and hearing about the Salt Room I called them for advice and decided to give the Salt Room a try. It was well worth it! Already after the first time a felt way better. It took me 3 visits to make me feel reborn again. Before entering the room Jennifer provided me with some extra information and explained a breathing technique to use while in there. The environment is very relaxing and there is nice background music. Jennifer and her staff are very professional and caring people!
Patricia (January 2016)

I recently discovered The Salt Room from a friend at the gym. What an amazing experience!!! I truly felt like I took a mental vacation, immediately became relaxed, refreshed and enjoyed every minute of my experience. After my visit, I purchased the “Unlimited Monthly Package” and now I have a new found energy and the continued feeling of freshness and relaxation along with relief from my bronchial asthma and a never ending irritating cough! I am now sleeping sounder and deeper than I have in years! I highly recommend that everyone visit the professional and courteous staff at the Salt Room ….. you will not be disappointed! I also highly recommend the Facial Treatments…the best I have ever had!
Norm. B (January 2016)

I had a good experience with your microdermabrasion and gentle and healing hands. My husband noticed the difference in my face. Thanks and God bless!
Lin (January 2016)

I frequently practice yoga, so I attended salty yoga in December and absolutely loved the experience! The teacher was very helpful in her instruction. In all my experience, I have never enjoyed a teacher as much as this one. She was hands-on (with permission) in helping me to achieve proper form and further strengthen my yoga knowledge. Not only that, but the room itself was very relaxing. The cool, salty air you breathe in makes yoga breaths just that much more pleasant. It was a great environment to gain the meditation benefits of yoga, I felt renewed and refreshed after the session. I also loved the time it was at, it gave me a chance to wind down before bed. If you haven’t tried salty yoga here, I can definitely recommend it.
Brianna (January 2016)

My niece and I love the salt room. Helped so much with our sinuses/allergies. Looking forward to going again. Such a great place in Winter Haven.
Katie (January 2016)

Fantastic relaxing experience for all ages. If I lived closer, I would sign up for the year package! It will be the first appointment I will make when I come back down this summer.
Jennifer (January 2016)

What an amazing place! The salt therapy session clears the sinuses and lungs and the facial was superbly relaxing. The owner is a sweetheart. I won’t hesitate to make another visit soon!
Cheryl (December 2015)

Amazing experience! Enjoyed a visit to the Salt Room followed by the best facial I have ever experienced. I highly recommend and am excited for another visit soon.
Maria (December 2015)

Absolutely Amazing! Here for my Asthma and Inflammation in my Achilles Tendon!
Norm (December 2015)

Awesome experience! Cleared my sinuses right up! Highly recommend trying out the Salt Room!
Kimberly (December 2015)

Unbelievable experience! I felt the healing and relaxing power almost instantly.
Vivian (November 2015)

Siting in the salt room was highly therapeutic to my 2 year old’s respiratory system and skin irritations. The experience was very relaxing for us both. So glad to have this local resource
Cypress (November 2015)

My facial with Jennifer was an amazing experience! My face felt revitalized and fresh. She had excellent knowledge of her product and procedures as well as recommendations specific to my skin. I can’t wait to go back again and get my beauty treatment. It’s truly a treat! Thank you again :)……and can I schedule another one end of October early November :).
Jhoanna (September 2015)

This weekend was the true test for The Salt Room! I spent all weekend outside working in my yard under 3 birch trees, of which I am highly allergic. I did a session Saturday morning and I feel great. Without the salt room I would be miserable and heavily medicated today. If you have allergies that affect your daily routine, you need to do some sessions at The Salt Room!
Cindy (May 2015)

Kathy Wipperfurth has had a terrible head cold all week. Her normal cold meds weren’t helping at all. Today she went in for a 45min treatment @the salt room and she was very excited to report that her sinuses cleared! She said she is feeling SO much better!
Kristi (May 2015)

Acupuncture for Sam went extremely well but the highlight of our afternoon was, hands down, The Salt Room!! Something so simple but I cannot believe how incredibly healing this was for the boys!! A 45 minute session helped Sam, Cale, my Mom and I breathe much easier. Cale was so congested before we entered, Sam’s eyes were red and bloodshot, he couldn’t stop sneezing. ALL of that was gone following our one family treatment. Very cool! We will be back!!! I haven’t seen Sam this well in weeks. His energy is through the roof and my Mom and I could not stop laughing at his abundance of energy and sense of humor on the way home.
Melanie (April 2015)

WOW….I just went to The Salt Room – Halotherapy I highly recommend trying it out if you have asthma, allergies, or sinus problems like myself. As many of you know in December 2014 I started my first round of antibiotics for sinus problems and 4 rounds later I’m still miserable. Some days are better than others but I can’t live feeling horrible always. I heard about this new place called the salt room. I thought to myself….what do I have to lose trying it. I went this morning and feel great. Given how bad my sinuses are I know it’s not going to completely get better with one session but I am a believer and will be going back! — feeling hopeful.
Tara (April 2015)

So my 11 year old son has spent the last four days with a migraine. Vomiting, light sensitivity, nausea, missing school, etc. Gave the salt room a try tonight….my son is reporting GREAT results. Migraine has significantly improved. He actually ate dinner AND has kept it down! My other son and I joined him in the session as well. We are feeling great! Highly recommend! Best part….each session can accommodate up to six people per session…so grab your whole family or plan the next “Girl’s night out” chat time at the Salt Room.
Kimberly (April 2015)

Went for a short run this afternoon, my exercised induced asthma seemed much better. My lungs felt weird after my session, I could breathe!
Cindy (April 2015)

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