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Salt Room Winter Haven in the Community
Salt Room Winter Haven in the Community Engagement

Community Engagement: Making a Difference with Salt Room Winter Haven

At Salt Room Winter Haven, our commitment extends beyond wellness to embrace the heart of our community. We take pride in actively participating in local events and initiatives that contribute to the betterment of Winter Haven. From supporting organizations like Resurrection Catholic School’s “Light Up The Night” to engaging with events such as the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce’s “25th Annual Chain of Lakes Challenge Golf Tournament,” our involvement reflects our dedication to community well-being. We’ve also extended a helping hand to esteemed institutions like Meals on Wheels, Santa Fe Catholic High School, and Mountain Lake Community Service, recognizing the importance of collective efforts in fostering a strong, vibrant community for all.

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At Salt Room Winter Haven, we take pride in being more than just a wellness destination; we’re an active participant in our vibrant community. Explore the ways we collaborate with local organizations and events to make a positive impact. Join us in strengthening our Winter Haven community!