How Salt Room Winter Haven Can Help Your Ear Infections

Salt Room Winter Haven has been designed to help ear infection sufferers relieve their symptoms and feel better in a safe, peaceful environment that feels more like a spa than a high tech treatment facility.

Girl with ear infection needing salt therapy at Salt Room Winter Haven in FL
Pediatrician examining a little boy's ear infection in Winter Haven FL

75 Percent of children suffer from Ear Infections

Most of us have suffered an ear infection in our childhood. Around 75% of children succumb to ear infection at least once before they reach their third birthday. It is estimated that the US spends 5 million dollars in the treatment of ear infection. Although usually children are victims of ear infections, adults may also experience symptoms. Salt therapy at Salt Room Winter Haven is a non-invasive treatment that not only brings relief but also prevents its recurrence for significant lengths of time.

Salt Therapy brings relief to Ear Infection Sufferers

If your child is suffering from an ear infection, salt therapy treatment at Salt Room Winter Haven will bring relief by reducing edema of the Eustachian tube which causes ear infection .The action of aerosolized salt particles, results in widening of the airway passages, better drainage and better aeration behind the tympanic membrane leading to a decrease in infection. Most children who suffer from ear infection are victims of cold as well. Salt therapy treatment will provide relief from nasal congestion by opening the nasal passages. Salt therapy treatment also strengthens your child’s defense mechanisms to help him fight disease.

Man with ear infection needing salt therapy at Salt Room Winter Haven in FL
Little girl playing with toys in a salt cave at Salt Room Winter Haven in FL

How Salt Therapy at Salt Room Winter Haven Works

Salt therapy simulates the natural microclimate occurring in salt caves and mines but has the added advantage of providing treatment under highly-controlled conditions. Treatment typically lasts an hour and takes place in the spa-like halochamber. Children have no idea they are even being treated as they draw or play with toys. Dry sodium chloride aerosol particles of 1-5um in size are produced by a special nebulizer called a halogenerator and released into the halochamber.

A sophisticated computer built into the halogenerator is maintains the temperature, relative humidity and mass concentration of aerosol in the treatment chamber. In order to get the best results for ear infection, dry sodium chloride aerosol at a mass concentration varying from 1-16 mg/m3 with a particle size of 1-5 um are dispersed in the room. In rare cases side effects like skin irritation and a mild throat tickle may occur. If your child has a cough from cold or flu as well, coughing may intensify as the salt therapy treatment at Salt Room Winter Haven stimulates mucous clearance, but this will typically subside after the first couple sessions.

Salt Room Therapy in Winter Haven FL
Pediatrician examining a girl's ear infection in Winter Haven FL

Salt Therapy is Especially beneficial to Children with Ear Infections

Children are more often affected by ear infection than adults, but symptoms are similar. Our ears and throat are connected by a small tube called the Eustachian tube. Children are more vulnerable to ear infections because their Eustachian tube is shorter and straighter. Sometimes when a child catches a cold or is suffering from an infection of the upper respiratory tract this tube swells and mucus gets trapped inside it. This trapped fluid becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Middle ear infection, more commonly known as inner ear infection, is more serious and occurs when your middle ear is infected with bacteria and can even lead to the eardrum being ruptured.

Children with ear infection are typically irritable and fussy as the pressure can create significant discomfort. They may display symptoms like ear pain, hearing loss, discharge from the ear, vomiting, and fever. Cold and flu often lead into ear infection so victims often experience symptoms like running nose, body ache, cough and difficulty in breathing. Medical treatment through antibiotics is one remedy, but runs the risk of side effects. In extreme cases surgery may be required. Salt therapy at Salt Room Winter Haven is a completely drug-free and non-invasive treatment that can bring relief from the symptoms of ear infection. Contact us now so we can help you or your child feel well again.

Salt Room Winter Haven offers the finest salt room therapy for asthma in Winter Haven, FL. Salt therapy can also help alleviate many other symptoms and provide relief for those who need it. The symptoms that we help include: Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cold/Flu, Cystic Fibrosis, Dermatitis, Ear Infections, Emphysema, Rhinitis, Sinus Infections and Sinusitis.

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